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And the Sun Will Rise - 1
Chapter 1: The Flames Erupt
Whoever thought the sun would come crashing down
My life in flames, my tears concrete the pain
I feel the end, the darkest, deepest riverbed
My book of life ain't complete without you here.
(Sweetbox: Everything's gonna be all right)

The black military car drove along the streets of Central city with a dignified speed. Lieutenant Hawkeye was a great driver; when Colonel Mustang had to go somewhere, he always asked the blonde woman to come along.
The Colonel sat on the front seat, gazing out on the window. Old memories ran through his mind; images flashed before him, painting a shadow on the canvas of reality.
Sergeant Major Cain Fury settled down comfortably on the back seat. He bowed his head back, closed his eyes and he was humming a slow song quietly.
Fury's murmur and the engine's roar lulled the colonel into a waking dream. His friend… his best friend passed away just recently, leaving a gaping hole in the black-haired man's soul.
He misse
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FMA Romance-Hentai gallery
Equivalent Trade by Tormalyne
Rating: PG
Warnings: Roy/Edward
Comments: A hilarious, romantic fanfiction, where the author tries to establish a relationship between Mustang and Edward. Splendidly written, with a masterly use of capital letters and punctuation.
And On This Night by WhiteCat2
Rating: G
Warnings: Roy/Edward and hints of Alphonse/Winry
Comments: Observations made by Roy Mustang, pointing out the differences between Edward and Fullmetal. It is highly recommended to those who love this pairing, but everyone else will find little pleasure in reading this.
The Forbidden Path by Udon
Rating: P
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FMA Micro-fanfiction gallery
An arm and a leg by <i>
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FMA Humor-Comedy-Parody galler
Internal Affairs by <i>
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FMA General gallery
Better by Maaya
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Comments: A short fic focusing around Edward Elric and his life as State Alchemist. Bittersweet and heartbreaking. Good enough to give it a try!
Conversations by Maaya
Rating: PG
Warnings Winry/Al and OOC
Comments: A sweet fanfiction of a conversation between the Elric brothers about what they are going to do when they have their normal body back. Don't be disturbed by the pairing, you could say everything is only a speculation.
Vid Mitt Fönster by Maaya
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Comments: Another sweet fanfiction, focusing on Elric family when Ed and A
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FMA Drama-Tragedy gallery
Silence by Daringu
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Comments: The fanfiction sets off wonderful, with a lot of promise, but the end appears as if the author ran out of ideas and just finished it. There appears to be no real connection with the beginning and leaves the reader with many unanswered questions. It's altogether a trifle disappointing.
In Between by Information specialist
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers from episode 25 and probably a warning that this shouldn't be read when already depressed?
Comments: This fanfiction is truly brilliant. It describes the events right after the death and the funeral so well, you can almost picture it. It's wonderful, belonging to one of the best fanfictions probably eve
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FMA Angst-Suspense gallery
I Saw Them In Her Eyes by Sholio
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers from episodes 3 and 15, slightly different spelling than the anime uses
Comments: Ever wondered what went through Roy's mind when he entered the house of the Rockbells? This is your chance to find out. This short fanfiction has captured Roy's thoughts in an excellent way. Recommended to everyone, especially the Roy-fans!
To Never Say Goodbye by Lyris
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Roy/Edward, fanfiction takes place right after episode 15
Comments: A true recommendation to all the Roy/Ed lovers, but I fear anyone else will not appreciate the fanfiction. It's still not bad for a beginning of what promises to be a long fanfiction. There are two chapters so far and it's
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FMA Action-Adventure gallery
Crucible of Logic by ScreamingTemporalDoom
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Comments 'Part one' indicates that more chapters will follow later, but the author hasn't had the time yet to update it. The first chapter is thrilling, though, and immediately catches your attention. Edward is sent off on a mission, but why was he chosen? And what is the reason behind the mission?
Blood and Heart by Yuuki-kun
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: OOC (a LOT) and sort of based around episode 18
Comments: To be honest, this author has much to learn about writing fanfictions. There are a lot of unnecessary comments through the story, which makes it hard to read, and the author has clearly trouble in keeping the characters
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Mature content
The sexual experiments - 2 :iconfma-fanfic-club:fma-fanfic-club 1 3
Handle This - lenihanfighter
Edward stared through the thick haze of rain, long after Mustang had left him. The talk with the Flame Alchemist had left him shocked and feeling empty behind. The young boy didn't really know what to think of this.
Colonel Roy Mustang would leave Central. After all what they both had gone through, he would leave him, Edward Elric, behind. It was not until then that Edward had realised how much in fact he depended on the aloof and distant Colonel. Next to Al, Mustang was everything in his life.
"Niisan?" Edward didn't react to Al's voice. "Niisan, are you alright?" Still no reaction from the Full Metal Alchemist. "They already said you would be here. You're completely soaked, you know that. Did something happened?"
"He's going to leave Central." Somehow, Edward managed to say that in a flat, emotionless tone, although he had no idea how he did that. A tear trickled down from the corner of his eye, mixing with the rain. Yes, Mustang meant much for him, he finally admitted. If the Flame
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Equivalent Trade -2- OKami-hu
Equivalent trade
Part two

The pain vibrating in his brother's small cry stabbed a knife into Edward's heart. He clapped his hands together and put them on the ground to raise a wall between Al and the attackers.
"Stupid me," he cursed under his breath. "I should have known that they WOULD put up a gunfight on the main street." He turned to his brother, who sat in the shadows, biting his lips, pressing a hand firmly against his thigh. As Ed knelt down next to him, for his greatest horror, he noticed the blood on Al's white glove.
"You've been shot." For a fleeting moment, the Fullmetal Alchemist felt very small. But he shook his head and proceeded to pull his brother to his feet.
"Hang on, Al, I'll take you out."
"B… brother…Rush Street thirteen's back door… Take me there!"
"I've been there before. Trust me, it's a safe place."
Ed hesitated for a heartbeat but he had no better idea; so he threw his arm around his brother and began to hurry down on the shady alleys. The ni
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Equivalent Trade -1- OKami-hu
Equivalent trade
Part 1

Caramel eyes scanned the closed and sealed door, the broken glass, the thick layer of dust. Damn, the source of the information was a reliable one so why did the clue prove to be false??
The Devil's Nest must have been closed for years, which was not even that surprising. Alphonse remembered the events well; he'd been part of them. It was a rather bloody affair.
The blond youth turned and began to walk off. He has to find another thread leading to his target.
"Hay, Mista'!"
Al tilted his head to the side to face an old beggar grinning at him.
"Lookin' fer the Devil's Nest, ey? I can tell ya where it is…"
Al nodded. Equivalent trade. He took a banknote from his pocket and put it into the beggar's hat.
"I'm listening."
"Go to Rush Street, it's inna city centa'. Thirteenth numba, big flashy place, can't miss it."
Alphonse bowed.
"Thank you."
The blonde youth stopped in front of the large, three-story building and whistled in astonishment. The beggar w
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Coward - OKami-hu
I never considered myself as a coward. I'm not a coward! But still… When I had the chance to say the words I so longed to say, I hesitated. I don't know why. Maybe I remembered your fierce temper. Maybe I couldn't gather the right words or maybe… I don't know. First time in my life, I was totally and helplessly confused, scared and my heart feels like breaking when I think back on that moment. I remember as if it was yesterday…
I went to the library that afternoon. I needed some information about something. It was a bright late spring afternoon; the sun shone warmly, all the windows were open and the light breeze curiously explored all the rooms and hallways. Outside, the trees were already fully dressed in their summer outfit; so many dazzling shades of green.
I entered the huge room and began to stroll along the shelves. And suddenly, I caught a glimpse of something golden shining in the sunlight. I looked again and I smiled as I recognized you, little Alchemist. You sa
:iconfma-fanfic-club:fma-fanfic-club 3 4
Mature content
The sexual experiments - 1 :iconfma-fanfic-club:fma-fanfic-club 7 7
Evermore - OKami-hu
A tribute to Maes Hughes
Unexpectedly came the storm over Central City that night – or at least, unexpectedly to those, who did know nothing about what happened on that bright afternoon.
But for all those, who were there, the sudden change in the weather seemed so fearfully appropriate. Yes, things can change this fast! One moment, your best friend is still joking with you by the lunch table and the other, he's buried mercilessly under six feet of cold dirt.
Only the most composed persons managed to go through the ceremony without crying. Armstrong wasn't among them. Farman wasn't among them. Gracia wasn't among them, although it was painfully natural.
Roy wasn't among them either. True, he only shed a few teardrops that time; but as soon as he got home and the sky darkened, and the rain started to pour down from the Heavens like the tears of the angels, the colonel felt himself to crack. His strength flew away and he collapsed right there in the middle of the ro
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Don't Forget - 4 - Hakai-kun
Munou: Incompetent
"Taisa," Alphonse Elric addressed the dark-eyed man before him. Once again, Al found himself in Roy Mustang's office. He now understood why his brother never liked coming here to give reports.
"Hm?" Roy grunted at the younger Elric without looking up from his work.
"Taisa," Al tried again. "I can't keep lying to my brother. I have to tell him about you." He now had the colonel's full attention. "Please, let me tell him. He needs to know."
Roy was silent while he fiddled with several papers and trinkets on his desk. Al frowned as he waited for his reply. Roy had picked the wrong Elric brother to play the waiting game with. Four and a half years of being a suit of armor had taught Alphonse to be still and patient. Realizing this Roy let out a sigh and ran a hand through his short black hair. "I can't let you do that, Alphonse-kun."
"Why? Why not?" Al asked. "Don't you want him to know?! Don't you want him to remember?"
"Yes. I do." Roy said not mak
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Benediction- Ch1
"Mom..." The small boy stirred, opening lilic purple eyes. "Where is... Gate... Mom?"
The blond had smiled, setting the tray off water down. "You're awake."
"I'm..." He raised his right hand to shield the light, blinking. "It's... Metal...."
"It's an automail." The girl corrected, taking a seat on the foot of his bed.
"I know that!" He snapped, glaring. "But I don't have an automail arm... I have... Ed's arm... I...." He halted, suddenly trying to sit up. "Where am I?!"
"You're... Just Relax."
"NO! Where am I!?! Tell me where I am!!!" He nearly shrieked, only to be pushed down. "Tell me!!! Where am I?! Why am I here?! Why do I have an automail arm!?!!"
"Damn-it!" The next thing he knew, there was an unusual amount of pain on his head. The girl was looking grumpy, holding a trench in her hand. "Will you just calm down and listen to me?!"
Don't own FullMetal Alchemist
By: Kitori Chiharu
One of Four
:iconchiharu-chan:Chiharu-chan 7 10
A Full Metal Alchemist Fanfiction
By Tobu Ishi

There are distinct problems involved in the return of someone you haven't seen since you were both children.
There are, of course, the obvious ones, such as resentment for having stayed away so long, and anger at the way he'd taken your piece de resistance and gotten it shattered to bits, and the small bitter disappointment of cracking an old private joke only to be met with a blank stare, and realizing that he's forgotten all about it.
But there are also the more unexpected ones, such as—for example—the matter of privacy.  In her own defense, she honestly hadn't meant anything by it.  When last he and his brother had stayed here, there had been bloody stumps to tend, and nerves to tweezer out and staple one by one into a network of fine silver wires, and little opportunity for things like privacy between you and a boy who couldn't trim his own nails or his hair or pour himself the last of the tea without
:icontobuishi:TobuIshi 41 19
The Military Drabbles
Guns / Schieska
Nobody knew it except Hawkeye. She worked with Schieska patiently after hours, showing her how to load the gun, how to aim and how to clean the weapon.
The bookworm girl was afraid of guns, she twitched with every shot. But she was determined to learn, how to defend herself. She was in the military now, since lieutenant colonel Hughes hired her to restore the destroyed records.
Schieska worshipped the man and wanted to be a little like him; and Hughes was a good fighter. But she wasn't as dexterous and fast as him.
So the girl befriended with guns.
Candy / Roy Mustang
Roy had a secret.
Okay, he had more, but this one was special. If anybody found out, he would have been embarrassed.  
Deep in his desk's drawer, there was a box, filled with candy. Simple fruit-flavored hard candy, the type you can get in any candy store. But Mustang loved it. He always had a soft spot for sweets, may it be cakes, cookies or anything else. He explained this with hi
:iconokami-hu:OKami-hu 8 21
V_003 by Cofie V_003 :iconcofie:Cofie 67 28 V_002 by Cofie V_002 :iconcofie:Cofie 57 16 V_001 by Cofie V_001 :iconcofie:Cofie 69 19
My dying light
My dying light...
Never falter
Thirst for greater power
Try much harder
Nearer draws the hour
My dying light...
The star which strays out of sight
Out of focus...
Something tears us apart.
Harder, faster
Forgetting the reason
Silent master
Wounded by her treason
My dying light...
Burns twice as bright
Lasts half as long...
Do you think it was right?
:iconokami-hu:OKami-hu 2 5
Fullmetal Lullaby
Fullmetal Lullaby
Feel the gentle wind tonight;
Full of tears and muffled laughter.
Everything seems clear and bright
Filled with deep despair and rapture.
Railways run into the distance,
Train engines hum soft and steady
Lulling me into a deep trance
I'm almost asleep already.
Folded red coat is my pillow,
Red eyes watch over my nightmares.
Short is my rest, the joy's shallow;
Where's the place where our journey ends?
Where is the peace of our young souls?
Vanished into sinful darkness.
In my heart the emptiness grows;
All my nights are cold and starless.
One thing keeps me moving forward -
A promise I made years ago;
If I can be true to my word
True happiness soon would follow.
OKami 2004-10-28  21:37
:iconokami-hu:OKami-hu 17 18



FMA Fanfic Writers
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Central City
Favourite cartoon character: All characters from FMA
Welcome everyone to this shrine of FMA fanfictions. For those who do not that what FMA fanfictions are: FMA fanfictions are stories (either short or long), based on the absolute addicted anime series called Fullmetal Alchemist. This club is meant to become a database of all fanfictions, doujinshi and everything else with a storyline and that's based on Fullmetal Alchemist.

:bulletblue: Update: 7 May 2005 :bulletblue:

It's been long since I updated this, I know. ^^; Real life demands a lot of my time nowadays, though. =( I'm not happy with that, I want to go back to the more relaxed way I used to have, but oh well...

Anyway, the contest of March/April has now officially ended. I'd like to thank everyone who participated. Now it's time to vote! Everyone, please vote! Even if you've joined in the contest, you can still vote (just be polite and don't vote for your own entry ;)).

Two more affiliates - check them out! - and three new members! :boogie: Welcome everyone!

No new contest yet, because I'll be too busy the next two months for it anyway. =( I promise a new one will come in July, though. ^^


:bulletred: Send a note to the club, saying you want to join. Deviant comments won't be accepted.

:bulletred: It would be nice if you could write fanfictions, but everyone is welcome. Poems, doujinshi and flash animations with a storyline will be counted as 'fanfiction' as well.

:bulletred: Be a fan of FMA. Why else would you want to join?

:bulletred: After you've joined, it would be a good idea to devwatch the club for further updates and the like. ^^

:bulletred: To add a story, send a NOTE to club with your link. The story has to be plubished on devart, since it's a little hard to add it to the favourites otherwise.

:bulletred: It is also possible to let the club submit the story. It could be that you have your story on another site or that you don't want to publish it yourself. In that case, you can send the fanfiction to and the club will publish it.

:!::bulletred: Even if you don't write fanfiction yourself, you might want to make an author happy by giving a good, constructive comment. Point out what can be changed, mention what is good and offer advise for the author.

After you've joined, all you have to do is to put this icon :iconfma-fanfic-club: in your journal and have fun with writing and watching FMA.

Contest I: CLOSED!

The winner

Contest II: voting time!!!


For more information about the second contest, click here.
Everyone, good luck with the contest!

Member count: 35 members :D



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